SubOptic Update on Japanese Symposium November 2021

The SubOptic Foundation is thrilled to celebrate the tremendous success of the OPTICAL SUBMARINE NETWORKS SYMPOSIUM, recently held in Japan, where over 300 industry professionals, students, educators and government officials gathered virtually to share insights on our industry. The event – held in Japanese - was organized largely through the efforts of Dr. Yasuhiko Niiro who recruited an outstanding line-up of speakers from Google, NTT, KDDI, SoftBank, NEC, and JPCERT. The SubOptic Foundation looks forward to supporting similar symposia already planned in local languages for both France and the UK in 2022, and hopes to work with teams elsewhere across the globe to plan similar events in 2022. The Foundation continues to explore new ways to support the industry by the industry. We expect these Symposiasimilar to the Summer School sponsored jointly with Optica Foundation (formerly OSA) and Google, which will help to increase awareness and interest in the submarine cable industry broadly, including by our potential next generation of industry professionals.  Read the full article here. 



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