5G-aliser August update – An ever-changing landscape

image for 5G-aliser August update – An ever-changing landscape
The latest update of the 5G-aliser, created in collaboration with STL Partners, shows that August has been a somewhat positive monthfor the world of 5G – at least, compared to July! A handful of key drivers are making steady progress, many of which are digging themselves out from the slump they have found themselves in in previous months, such as spectrum availability. However, telcos will not be getting too optimistic about imminent returns on their 5G investments just yet. Major negative factors are once again in the limelight; the US–China trade war, for example, continues to have a major impact across the telecoms industry and shows no signs of stopping. Meanwhile, telcos are gradually beginning to reveal the damage that the coronavirus pandemic has done to their finances. With some parts of the world showing a significant up-tick in infections, the threat of a second wave of the pandemic looms large. If a second wave does strike, what does that mean for the immediate future of 5G? First…

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