The theme for SubOptic 2004, held in Monaco from the 29th March to 1st April 2004, was “Subsea Networks – Lightwaves around the World”.

The Programme Committee responsible for developing and implementing the programme for the event was headed by Jose Chesnoy from Alcatel. He was supported by seven Vice-Chairs; Fiona Beck (Southern Cross), Veluppillai Chandrakumar (France Telecom/SEE), Koji Goto (KDDI-SCS), Peter Mole (GMSL), David Robles (Tyco Telecommunications), Corrado Rocca (Pirelli Submarine Telecom Systems) and Dave Shirt (C&W).

The programme was structured around six topics that were expected to fulfill all expectations of the technical, business and operation of submarine cables. Oral and poster sessions for these topics covered the following subjects:

  1. Market Place
  2. Business and Commercial
  3. Network Architecture and Design
  4. Equipment and Component Technologies
  5. Cable design and Marine Operations
  6. Network Operations and Service Level

SubOptic 2004 Session Programme

Monday Morning

  • Life Cycle of a project

Monday Afternoon

  • Optical Transmission
  • Network Architectures
  • Marine survey & Cable Routing
  • Commissioning & Acceptance
  • Project collaboration/ economics

Tuesday Morning

  • Opening
  • Plenary session

Tuesday Afternoon

  • Market Consolidation
  • Environment & Commercial
  • Line Design
  • Equipment & Component
  • Network Management
  • Marine Operations

Wednesday Morning

  • Round Table 1:Future of the Industry
  • Marine Operations
  • Emerging Markets
  • Network Availability
  • Reliability

Wednesday Afternoon

  • Network Operations
  • Legal & Finance
  • Poster Sessions
  • Fibre Non-linearity

Thursday Morning

  • Round table 2:How to ensure competitive supply
  • Network Architecture
  • Design
  • Financing

Thursday Afternoon

  • Reliability & Availability
  • Non Telecom Applications
  • Raman Amplification