Securing a robust supply chain for your future network growth

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CommScope experts, partners and customers recently analysed challenges, shared experiences, and discussed tactics to secure a robust supply chain for future network at Connected Britain in 2020.    Let’s take a closer look at the key takeaways.     The UK AltNet market is booming    Government programmes and market demand are driving vast growth and a need for equipment and support among UK network operators. Covid-19 has also boosted connection and data requirements in recent months.   Over 160 AltNets plus associated installers and consultants are established within the market and are growing in strength, with many different user cases and constraints driving business decisions. New products, technologies and speeds are challenging planners and architects to deliver networks efficiently, rapidly, and in a scalable manner. A wide range of decision-making elements need to be taken into account in the UK, from geographical factors to density needs and an impending risk of supplier capacity crunch. These factors pose a unique challenge to supply chain robustness in the UK. …

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