image for The path to 5G evolution: Defining 5.5G
In most countries around the world, 5G is still very much in its infancy. With limited deployments, often heavily supported by existing 4G spectrum, only a very small number of customers get to enjoy the blisteringly fast speeds that are being so vaunted by 5G proponents.   Nonetheless, 2020 saw 5G deployment scale up rapidly. According to the GSA, there are already 122 active commercial 5G networks in 49 countries, while almost 300 operators are investing in 5G. In China alone, China Telecom and China Mobile combined had around 250,000 5G subscribers at the end of last year. Similar growth is or soon will be happening in markets around the world.     The economic imperative for 5G evolution   The increasingly rapid adoption of 5G we are seeing globally is expected to translate into a monumental boost for the world&rsquo…

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