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When it comes to 5G leadership, there are few countries around the world that can go toe-to-toe with South Korea, where the successful rollout means that today around 12 million people subscribe to the new technology, around 17% of the total market. Beyond coverage and penetration alone, South Korea is also at the forefront of the technology’s new experiences, offering consumers numerous novel services, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), cloud gaming, and more.   But why is it that the country has seen such a rapid adoption of the new technology? In Total Telecom’s latest webinar, entitled ‘What can we learn from South Korea’s 5G success’, panellists discussed some of the key lessons operators in other markets can translate from their South Korean peers.     Collaborate and Create   At the heart of South Korea’s 5G success is a much more involved approach to the unique content and services that 5G has to offer. This includes partnering closely with well-known brands…

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