image for ZTE: As 5G evolves so too must the RAN
With 5G being deployed in some markets for almost two years now, operators are beginning to get better acquainted with the new technology. What are operators leading concerns today when it comes to 5G and what can ZTE offer them?   5G deployment is indeed now on the fast track around the world, with 397 countries investing in 5G as of mid-September according to GSA.   As a result of this large-scale deployment in the past two years, operators’ focus on 5G is now being shifted from deployment to performance and verticals – a change that requires even more innovation and technology advances.   ZTE believes 5G networks should not only deliver higher capacity to meet the growing demands for mobile data, but also meet those of vertical industries to enable new services and business models beyond previous imaginations, as this is a sector that will offer the biggest growth opportunities for operators. Based on our experiences in 5G deployment and  exploration, we have released a range of innovative solutions to help operators offer both superior B2C 5G networks and flexible and powerful B2B 5G networks.   For consumer applications, ZTE is focusing on three main areas, including network performance, energy efficiency…

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