Telcos: Harnessing innovation or being surpassed by it

image for Telcos: Harnessing innovation or being surpassed by it
In the modern world, technology is advancing at a blistering pace. The pandemic has brought digitalisation to the fore, with the world gaining a renewed appreciation for just how vital connectivity is in every aspect of our lives.     For telcos, this time in the limelight and digital growth has brought numerous opportunities but also new challenges. Customers may be more receptive than ever to the adoption of new technologies, but it is the telcos themselves that must rapidly transform to embrace technological innovation if they are to avoid being bypassed by opportunistic enterprise players.    In a recent Intel event hosted by Total Telecom, numerous telcos and tech companies came together to discuss the intricacies of a number of these important new technologies, exploring their transformative nature and why telcos must lead from the front or find themselves being left behind…

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