AUCloud Sees 30% Capacity Savings and 20% Performance Improvement Partnering with Virtana for its IT Optimization Strategy

Australian Government cloud host gains clarity and insights in IT performance in geo-resilient data centers in Canberra and Sydney by using AI-powered monitoring, analytics, and automation platform

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AUCloud’s IT infrastructure has seen a 30% savings in IT capacity and a 20% improvement in performance by implementing deep IT monitoring tools. The Australian Government and Critical National Industry Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider’s improvements in results were gained through its partnership with Virtana, a leader in enterprise hybrid cloud migration and optimization.

According to a recent survey by Virtana, nearly half (47%) of businesses in the US and UK said they lack visibility and insight into the performance of their IT systems in today’s economic climate. AUCloud has addressed this issue to get ahead of its competitors by adopting Virtana’s VirtualWisdom, a platform which assures the performance and availability of mission-critical workloads through AI-powered monitoring analytics, and automation, across geo-resilient Australian data centers located in Canberra (Australia’s National Capital) and Sydney (New South Wales).

AUCloud implemented VirtualWisdom early in the build of their new data centers. Brad Bastow, Chief Operating Officer of AUCloud, said: “We wanted a product that was capable of doing multiple tasks. I know Virtana from a previous life and have had very good support from their services people. We first engaged with an overview of VirtualWisdom, then a deep dive, and finally a POC – which settled the argument.

It was very different to what I was used to from back in my infrastructure days – the analytics, the dashboards themselves, and the capability of doing right-sizing – all now very impressive. Right now, by using VirtualWisdom to optimise our infrastructure, we are getting a 30% capacity savings and around a 20% improvement in performance.”

Stephen Sykes, AUCloud’s Head of Technology, said: “We had it up and running and productive in a few days. I ran some of the analytics and it gave me recommendations, like how much memory and CPU we could lose on VMs, and we could choose if we wanted to do that or not. It offers right-sizing and optimisation suggestions out of the box.”

John Gentry, Chief Technology Officer of Virtana, said: “Sophisticated IaaS providers want insights on how their infrastructure is performing. AUCloud is a forward-thinking organization that worked with us to strategically find its hybrid cloud infrastructure solution that efficiently maps, plans, and validates optimization. Today, they have detailed analysis, including real-time right-sizing and optimization recommendations, all in a single interface. It is partnerships like this that continue to improve our ability to optimize the hybrid cloud-based infrastructure sector for cost, performance, and capacity.”

Virtana’s range of workload capacity optimization, cost management, and performance assurance solutions help more than 260 global customers and partners plan, execute, and manage their hybrid cloud implementations.

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About Virtana

Virtana is the leading hybrid cloud optimization platform for digital transformation. Its technology and services give innovative organizations the clarity they need to take control of their infrastructure, plan, transform and optimize their cloud operations, and deliver a superior brand experience. Virtana’s software modernizes IT, supporting its agility while guaranteeing performance, minimizing risk, and reducing cost. It guides users on a journey to see their infrastructure from a single pane of glass, act on issues that arise, and transform processes for future automation. Follow Virtana for industry insight on Twitter | LinkedIn | Virtana: Take control.

About AUCloud

AUCloud is a sovereign cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, exclusively focussed on the needs of the Australian Government and Critical National Industry (CNI) communities. Operating from ASIO T4 standard geo-resilient data centre campuses In Canberra and Sydney, AUCloud provides two independent environments: an OFFICIAL Data Community Environment (ODCE) and a PROTECTED Data Community Environment (PDCE), both are IRAP assessed to the PROTECTED level controls of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Information Security Manual (ISM). AUCloud solutions enable customers to benefit from sovereign data protection with the scale, automation, elasticity and lower costs typically associated with global cloud offerings.

AUCloud is ISO27001 certified across all technical and business of the organisation, VMware Cloud verified and recognised as a Cisco Master Partner for Cloud and Managed Services.


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