image for The 5G-aliser – July 2020 update
Our journey so far Looking back over the last five months since we first launched the 5G-aliser in March 2020, development of 5G has been a battle of opposing forces. While the wildcard factors of COVID-19, the US-China trade war and wider geopolitics, and the rise of 5G conspiracies have all had varying negative impact on 5G, growing awareness and commitment from operators and enterprises in key secondary factors, such as open RAN and private networks, are having a steadily positive impact.    However, the time-frames of these opposing factors to take affect on overall demand are very different. The impact of the negative factors weighing 5G down are immediate, while growing investment into gigabit fibre, open RAN, and private networks will take anywhere from one to three years to truly accelerate 5G growth…

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