A few years ago, SubOptic decided to broaden its charter to encourage tools and programs which further the understanding and awareness of undersea telecommunications at large. A number of new initiatives were launched. The GUIDE is one of them. Its focus is on the basic fundamentals of planning, constructing, owning and operating an undersea communications network. SubOptic’s hope is that the GUIDE fills a void in educational basics for both those who are new to the industry and those niche industry experts who wish to learn more about broad aspects of undersea telecommunications.

At SubOptic 2013, a group of industry experts from various companies, led by Elaine Stafford of The David Ross Group, presented the first set of chapters of the GUIDE. The presentations can be found under the links below together with a Glossary of terms used within each section:

Workshop 1: Planning, Owning, Contracting, Constructing and Operating a Network, given by Elaine Stafford from DRG.

Workshop 2: Network Engineering Considerations, given by Seymour Shapiro from TE SubCom.

Workshop 3: Upgrade Considerations, given by Colin Wallace from Ciena.

Workshop 4: Marine Considerations, given by Stuart Wilson from Global Marine Systems Ltd.

Workshop 5: Operations, Administration & Maintenance Considerations, given by Pete Barletto, Jr, RSN Consultant, University of Washington.

The Glossary of Terms

Any further information about this project can be obtained from Elaine Stafford  or from SubOptic.