Extending the Working Life of Submarine Cable Systems

Many submarine cable systems approaching 15 years in service will soon be reaching key decision points around rebuilding or upgrading and extending the system. With the capability of many optical amplifier based systems to accommodate bandwidth upgrades, and with systems traditionally being designed with a 25 year lifespan, it is timely to review the realistic lifespan of a typical system.

Therefore SubOptic has initiated a Working Group (WG) under the leadership of Keith Schofield from Pioneer, to review this complex issue. This is considered an important aspect for the industry and therefore a most suitable topic for SubOptic to undertake as an interim activity between conferences.

There are a number of key factors that must be considered including the technical, operational, commercial, financial and legal areas.

Keith has therefore assembled a group of experts in their field, in these areas, who come from various strands of the industry, including:

Shota Masuda, NEC.
Francis Charpentier, Orange
Mark André, Orange
Dan Welt, Tata
Carl Osborne, Tata
Elizabeth Rivera Hartling, Ciena
Phil Murphy, AJC
John Horne, SubOptic

The output of this WG was presented at SubOptic 2016 and a copy of their presentation can be found here. working-group-extending-the-life-of-submarine-suboptic-2016

If there are any members in the industry who can provide value to this activity and support its further work, please contact Keith Schofield.