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SubOptic Association Launches New Working Groups

Update – October 9, 2018

After hosting well-attended networking events at PTC ’18 and ITW 2018, and gathering your feedback in a members’ survey, we’re pleased to announce the launch of two new Working Groups, each chaired by a leading young industry personality:

  • Career Opportunities / Diversity / Inclusion
  • Open Cables / Evolving Optical Standards.

If either of these themes sparks your interest, you’re welcome to volunteer for one of the groups. Their success, like that of the Association as a whole, depends on wide community involvement.  To participate or for more information, contact us at:[email protected]

Update – February 1, 2019

SubOptic at PTC ’19 – SubOptic this year was the Gold Sponsor for the PTC Sunday Submarine Cable Workshop and luncheon.  Organized and chaired brilliantly by Elaine Stafford, with a stimulating lunch panel led by Erick Contag, the event was by all accounts a success and an effective showcase for the both the subsea industry and the association’s work.  See Yves Ruggeri and Erick Contag on PTC TV .

Bringing you more than just a great Conference

Established in 1986, SubOptic is a non-profit association active in the international undersea communications industry and best known for the triennial conference it organizes, widely considered to be the global summit of the submarine cable community.

SubOptic 2019 in New Orleans will be the tenth in the series, making it the longest-running and most comprehensive conference in the world for this industry, and the only one organized by the industry itself.  SubOptic 2016 in Dubai attracted nearly 700 attendees from 200 organizations representing over 75 nationalities.

A Broader Mandate

After thirty years of successful events, SubOptic Association set out in 2017 to improve and expand the services it provides and the value it brings to the subsea cable industry. In addition to staging the renowned SubOptic conferences, the Association is widening its scope and extending membership to all participants in the sector, with the aim of becoming the industry’s global trade association.

As part of this renewal, we have teamed with a professional event management organization, STF Events, to manage all the logistics of SubOptic 2019. Nevertheless, SubOptic still maintains complete editorial and program development responsibility, to ensure the conference truly remains, “For the industry – by the industry”.

Under the newly-adopted constitution, the Association’s purpose is to promote the interests of organizations and individuals involved in the planning, deployment and operation of submarine cable systems, the technology used in such systems and good industry practices. The Association provides a forum for the discussion of ideas, the exchange of non-competitive information, the advancement of knowledge through research and training, and raising of awareness of issues relevant to the submarine telecommunications cable industry.

This mandate builds on past accomplishments such as the guidelines for standard construction contracts, and the “Guide” series of tutorials on implementing cable systems, both freely available on our website.

Turning Vision into Reality

Until a new Executive Committee is elected at SubOptic 2019, a transitional EC with Yves Ruggeri as President is hard at work to pilot the conference preparations and to roll out new services and activities for Members. The EC is also watchful that the conference program reflects a high standard of professional and academic integrity, without favoring any organization or segment of the subsea community.

We warmly invite all those active in the industry to become part of the revamped SubOptic, joining over 60 companies that have signed up since the launch of open membership in 2017.

All members will be eligible to stand for the 10-person Executive Committee election in April 2019, the aim being to attract a variety of candidates representing the main subsea industry segments as well as the diversity of its people.

At Submarine Networks EMEA 2019 (February 12-13) you can hear Yves unveil the final touches to the SubOptic 2019 programme, invite nominations for the Executive Committee election in April, and share the newest developments on working groups and member events.  

Please watch this space for more information about upcoming events!